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baking cnvanti in roaster
I am hosting a Family Christmas dinner for 30 adults and was wondering could I bake my cavanti in the roaster oven --how long and what temp.
Definitely. The roaster cooking pan will hold 4-5 9x13 casseroles' worth.

Preheat the roaster covered at least 20 minutes before inserting the cooking pan.

Before filling the cooking pan, grease it and dust with grated Parm, to help reduce sticking.

Use the same temp and approx the same time as that size pan would for the regular oven, except, if it starts cold, lower temp about 25 degrees and add 1.2 hour heating time.

If it gets to 165-180 in the middle and you need to hold further, turn roaster to 180.

It will not get a crusty top, if you like this, run it under the broiler before serving.

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