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Baking for hundreds
This winter, I will start a new job as head baker for a college cafeteria. I am wondering what general tips you can give me on how to bake in mass quantities (cookies, bars, etc) without compromising quality? I have almost no experience in baking for large numbers, though I have been baking in general for my whole life. Thanks!!
Three things I can think of- really good rolls with real butter- lots of cookies and bars- wonderful baked thigs at breakfast. But keeping in mind the freshman 15 weight gain, talk to your manager about keeping the size a little smaller than the ridiculous 400 calorie cookies and 700 calorie muffins that have become customary.

Fortify baking recipes with invisible nutrients such as extra dry milk, egg, nutritional yeast, fiber; try using about 1/4 less sugar on more forgiving items such as cookies and bars (does not work for cakes).

Also, perfect a few gluten-free recipes for regular use.

Get familiar with

And by the way, have fun and make cute food.
Ellen, thank you so much for your response. The idea to add more nutrients is such a good point. That is actually part of the reason that I am so excited about this get kids to stop eating packaged crap desserts and get some real, actual FOOD into them. Desserts are a necessary evil...might as well make them out of clean ingredients!

Bless you, have a wonderful holiday season...cheers!

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