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Meal for 100
Hi, I am catering for a party of 100. Menu is. Pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, coleslaw and potato salad. Before the meal veggie tray and taco dip. Can you help with serving sizes? How big of a veggie tray and taco dip?
Such an easy question! Thanks.

Assuming 100 normal eaters, self serve buffet.

Pulled pork sandwiches, 120 to 140, depending on appetite you estimate. Teens, more men, football players increase.

rolls- 1 per sandwich, or 2.5 slider buns per person

condiments, onions, pickles, see the sandwich page; about 8 pounds onions and a gallon pickles, 1 cup per 8 people extra sauce

baked beans, 3 gallons per 100
coleslaw, 2 1/2 gallons
potato salad, 4 gallons

veggie tray- use the veggie tray page. Consider a relish tray plus regular veggie tray per 50, both in the site.

taco dip, 1 pound chips per 10; 1 cup dip per 4 if thick, per 5 if thin.

A fruit tray would be very pleasant with this. Beverage help on the beverage planning page.

If this saves you time trouble, or money, please consider a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to help support this site. Thanks.

How many pound of cooked pulled pork would you make?
Oops, sorry. 1 pound cooked per 5 sandwiches. 4 per pound raw.
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