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cooking a turkey in electric roaster
Can i roast a turkey in aelectric roaster on the lowest setting without it drying out? And how long to cook it for?
Meat actually cooks more moist in the roaster than in the traditional oven. You do not use the lowest setting- it keeps the turkey at too low a temp for too long, and thus allows unsafe bacterial growth. Also, modern roasters can cook up to 30% faster, so you may need to adjust the times below.

Turkey will not fit for sure in a roaster, if it is over 18 pounds, which is OK because 16 pounds and under have better meat anyway.

Roasting an Unstuffed Thawed Turkey in Electric Roaster

Caution, the brand new models tend to cook a little faster and may finish 15-30 minutes ahead of the table below. Use the thermometer!

Insert the rack into the cooking pan. Preheat roaster, covered, to highest temp on the dial- 450-500 for 15-20 minutes. DO NOT LIFT LID during cooking time.

The cooking pan is sprayed with non-stick stuff.
Rinse turkey and pat dry- salt- rub with olive oil (crisper skin) or butter all over. You can put some onions, citrus, etc. in the cavity, but don't roast stuffed.

Put in the roaster, leave at highest temp for 30 minutes, then turn to 325.

Count cooking time from when you first put the turkey in the roaster. Again, DO NOT LIFT LID during cooking time. Check at the EARLIEST of these times:
8 to 12 pounds 2 to 3 hours. 145 degrees.
12 to 14 pounds 3 to 3 hours.
14 to 18 pounds 3 to 4 hours.
18 to 20 pounds 3 to 4 hours.
Use a thermometer- the pop-up things stick or overcook. Timing is more tricky with the largest birds, and never-frozen cooks a little faster than thawed.

When you take the turkey out, tent with foil, and let rest for at least 20 minutes, up to 1 hour before carving. The temperature continues to rise ten to 15 degrees after the meat comes out of the oven if it is allowed to stand as recommended. If turkey is too hot it will tend to shred instead of slice.

Thank you. This information has helped a lot.
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