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how much food do I need to make chicken Alfredo fo
I making a party for my son and he wants chicken Alfredo pasta .how many pound of chicken ,and how many box of fettuccine do I need and also how much alfredo sauce do I need for 250 people thank u
It varies somewhat based on the age of the group and what else you are serving. Assuming young and hungry and not too many other dishes.

1 pound dry pasta per 4
use the Alfredo style sauce recipe on the spaghetti page, and read that page for help on cooking, storing, and reheating. There are a lot of tricks to this much pasta.
30 pounds boneless raw chicken meat per 100
12-15 pounds Italian bread per 100.
1 ounce Parm per person.

Salads are on the plan for 100 page.

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