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65th Birthday party
I am throwing a65th party. It starts at 6pm was gonna start with a hot crab dip(#5)with cracker and bread(#4)nuts(#6)mints(#6)cheese tray (#15asstd)icecream punch(6 gallons)wine punch(6gallons).
Than at 7 pm chicken wing (620)meatballs(620)pigs n blanket(300)mini ham rolls(300)chicken salad canapés(300)
Fruit tray20#grapes,5watermelon,5#strawberries,5pineapple)
Veggie tray(#5broccoli,#5carrots,3qts cherry tom,10 cukes)
Gal ranch dip,qt mayo,must,gal fruit dip
620 plates 300 cups,620 napkins,frill picks
150 forks for cake at end of night.
Thanks for your feed back on these quantities
Help! How many guests? Write back.
This looks a little light in places for 150 people over dinner time, I note some suggestions.

hot crab dip(#5)with - You need at least 1/4 cup per person=2 to 2 1/2 gallons
cracker and bread(#4)-at least 10, you want around an ounce per person
cheese tray (#15 asstd) OK, none left
ice cream punch(6 gallons) 8
wine punch(6 gallons) 8-10 if no other liquor, and add either a few gallons of unsweetened ice tea with sweeteners available for the sugar sensitive- or else use dinner level coffee from the beverage page, for 150.

chicken wing (620)-ok
meatballs (620)- ok
pigs n blanket (300)- ok
mini ham rolls (300)- ok
chicken salad canapés (300)-ok
Consider adding a veg/strach or two such as bruschetta and the spinach/Parm squares on this site. 2 of each per person.

Fruit tray
20# grapes, OK
5 watermelon, per 100 people, I use about 15 pounds of watermelon
5# strawberries, suggest 8
5 pineapple, OK
suggest some limes and small berries for decoration
gallon fruit dip- OK

Veggie tray
#5 broccoli,
#5 carrots,
3 qts cherry tom,
10 cukes
Suggest you add a classic relish tray from the veggie tray page, or augment as described on the veggie tray page- this is quite light
Gallon Ranch dressing/dip

Get at least 200 forks- some people will want them for the appetizers. Otherwise, supplies look OK.

If you get coffee, do stirrers or spoons.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime or quarter per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

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