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Lasagna, penne and meatballs for 125 college age
My son asked me to make pasta and meatballs for 120-150 college kids for a fraternity formal. I thought 3 meatballs each. I'll make homemade tomato sauce, lasagna, and penne in tomato sauce(plain not with cheese).
I'm not sure how much sauce to make and how many pans of lasagna and penne to make. Thanks.
This is a little difficult with the range of numbers; For teens, 120 eat like about 150, while 150 eat like about 180.

I would make 4 people worth of meatballs from each pound of ground meat. You can go with 1 pound for 5 if there is meat in the lasagna.

Use the lasagna table on the spaghetti cage to figure the amount of lasagna- try for 150, as almost everyone will take some. You might consider making at least a pan or 2 meatless. as there are always vegetarians of college age.

Penne will be an afterthought for most. Consider doing an Alfredo style sauce (good recipe on the spaghetti page) or a pesto for a nice variation- recipe makes for 100 servings- I usually do about 1 quart per pound of dry pasta, and in this case if you do the full lasagna, only about 8-10 pounds dry pasta.
Salad and bread- 12 pounds bread per 100- salad on the plan for 100 page. Beverages on the beverage planning page.

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