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Fundraising coffee morning
What food and how much should I provide for unknown amount of people (>30) attending our local Art Exchange & Mart. I prefer not to cook, so type of food and amounts only would help a lot, although I may choose to make some items. (Time allowing)
Hi, Ginny,
It depends somewhat on whether there will be a charge for the items, in which case it is a bit less. However, assuming it is free, use 1/2 the amount for dinner coffee and related tea and add ins on the beverage planning page, this will provide for 50.
For the bites, assuming mostly ladies, 1 very large item (Danish, large muffin) plus 10%; or 3 smaller items. With large items for free, many cut them in half so people can take some of each. The Golden scones recipe on this site is excellent and can be cut small.

If you do some bagels, you need 1 ounce cream cheese per whole bagel (2 halves).

A fruit tray with about 1/4 the amount of the deluxe fruit tray for 100 on the fruit tray page would be an excellent addition.

Thank you for your prompt reply. The event is free.
I was thinking of finger food so minimum washing up.
Here bagels not common, perhaps sandwiches or sausage rolls instead. Am not sure how a fruit tray would work, might try fruit on cocktail sticks, so no messy fingers?
If you are doing coffee and not breakfast, just pastries would be fine. The added fruit could be just whole strawberries and red and green seedless grapes- again, no juice, no mess. Tongs to serve, eaten with fingers.
Sausage rolls would be fine- just one per person plus some extras, in addition to some mini muffins and bars, scones or coffee cake?
You could add orange juice. Do have at least some of the coffee decaf, and some herbal tea among the tea bags. Maybe some envelopes of hot chocolate mix?
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