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planning food for 70 guest HELP
I'm having Baby Shower in a two weeks I have 70 guest that confirmed. I plan on having 4lbs. of shrimp pasta 5 lbs. jambalaya 6lbs meatballs 300 finger sandwiches (ham, roast beef and turkey0 Also fruit tray, vegetable tray and cheese tray whole sheet cake, 48 cupcake and cookies is this enough? This is not written in stone I can change menu
If you have 70 confirmed, you could have 85 coming. If you use the tables, that is 5/6 the amount for 100.

Unless there is a reason to have both, for this size party do either shrimp pasta or jambalaya but not both, and make it the main entree. For a shower, I would do the shrimp pasta.

4lbs. of shrimp pasta 5 lbs. jambalaya- not enough of either, this only totals about 1 1/2 ounce per person. You would start with, for example, 1 pound pasta per 10 and 1 pound tiny shrimps per 6-8.

6 lbs meatballs- OK, might go 8- 2 quarts sauce

300 finger sandwiches (ham, roast beef and turkey- 1 full sandwich per person, is plenty- no more than 240 pieces, and if you increase the pasta you could cut to 2 pieces per person.

fruit tray, use 3/4 the deluxe tray for 100 on the fruit tray page.
vegetable tray, use for 50, or do 1 classic relish tray from the veggie tray page
cheese tray, 1 pound per 10. 1 pound crackers per 15

whole sheet cake, 50 servings
48 cupcake, plenty
cookies, not needed- at most 2 small bars or cookies per 100.

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