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Super Bowl for 40
Please-- need help with quantities. Party starts at 5 pm. We will have apps when people ari e and a hot buffet at half time. Need quantity suggestion for shrimp, meatballs, wings and Mac and cheese:

Apps: quacamole, Tuscan dip, spinach and artichoke dip, roasted shrimp cocktail, antipasto platter ( how many lbs?)' pigs in blanket

Hot buffet: meatball bar of 4 varieties, wings, crab cake sliders, 2 salads, Mac and cheese.

The meatballs will be. Italian, Swedish, Asian, middle eastern so I would love to have a total number of meatballs needed. It looked like 36 lbs from your chart--is that about right?

Thank you

Looks like fun, and that is way too many meatballs!

Tuscan dip,
spinach and artichoke dip,
1/4 cup each per person
chips, 2 ounces per person
bread, such as torn Italian, 2 ounces per person

roasted shrimp cocktail, at least 1 pound per 5- don't put it all out at once, some folks are a little greedy...

antipasto platter (how many lbs?)see the antipasto meat platter or the antipasto veggie platter on this site,;
but with all these other meats already, you could do just fine with the classic relish tray here:

pigs in blanket 2 per
ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce- 1 bottle each

meatball bar of 4 varieties, Italian, 1 pound per 5; Swedish, 1 pound per 6-8 depends on the region of the country; Asian, 1 pound per 10; middle eastern, 1 pound per 10
1 pound baguette per 5 for the meatballs
Are you sure there are no vegetarians? There are good vegetarian sausages and meatballs, usually found in either the freezer or produce departments, and a package in a small crockpot is a good addition if there are non-meat eaters there...

Ok these are classic, but real drumsticks, 2 per person, done lollipop style, are cheaper, juicier and more unusual. 1 cup dipping sauce per 5-6
crab cake sliders, 2 per

2 salads, Do 2 for 50 (1/2 100) from the site or the plan for 100 page. With this heavy menu, you might consider a fruit tray for one, see the fruit tray page?

Mac and cheese 5 pounds dry pasta, 1 quart sauce per pound, 1/2 to 1 pound cheese per pound. Good recipes this site.

This is a lot of food as is, you may have some left (ages and sexes of guests are not noted.) Still you won't run out.

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