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Cook Talk

Timing and Amounts please
Hi Ellen, what a fantastic page! I am planning a self catered wedding for around 150 people, and would like some pointers. The wedding is in August and will be held at about 6 pm with a reception to follow 20 min driving time between!

The bride would like to cut costs but be reasonable too!
Are finger foods appropriate at this time?
I've listed amounts and varieties:

12lbs meatballs in a sauce
12lbs little sausages in sauce
Cresant sandwiches
3 lbs of each three ham,roast beef, and turkey
10 lbs assorted sliced cheeses
Pinwheels ?? Don't have a clue how many
Vege tray
12 cucumbers
8 stalks of celery
5lbs baby carrots
4 lbs broccoli
5 heads cauliflower
5 lbs tiny tomatoes
1/2 gallon ranch dip

Fruit tray
5 cantaloupes
3 honeydew
1 (15 lb) watermelon
4lbs seedless grapes
4 fresh pineapple
8lb strawberries
Dip of course maybe 1/2 gallon

6 gallons sweet tea
3 gallons unsweetened tea
12 gallons punch to be served with cake
5 gallons strawberry lemonade
1 bottle water per guest

No,with a 6PM wedding, the guests will not eat before, and this is not nearly enough food. For example you need about 25-30 pounds of cold cuts, not 10. Either move the service to 7-730PM (or 2 PM) or resign yourself to supplying a lot more food.
Write back and let me know your decision.
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