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Cook Talk

lunch for evening wedding
I am planning a evening lunch for my daughters wedding. There is about 220 guests 30 kids and 190 adults pretty evenly mixed between men and women.
Menus is cold meats, cheese, pickles, buns chocolate fountain with fruit, desserts.

Question how much meat per person?
meat choices roast beef, shoulder ham
garlic sausage, salami

How much fruit?
choices strawberries, melons, grapes,
kiwi, bananas,

Since this is a mealtime service, it is essential to offer enough food that you do not run out before everyone is served. This means you need to add some appetizers/ nibbles such as chips and dips, relish trays; a couple of sandwich side dishes (potato and/or pasta salad? bean salad or bean dish?), maybe a veg salad or finger salad. None of these are costly and some can be done ahead, or work around "no kitchen". What is your situation and how would you like to proceed?

Do be sure to read the chocolate fountain article also.

Otherwise people will eat way too much meat (expensive) and still feel like it was a skimpy meal...

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