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keeping foor warm
Can you help I am helping a church dinner. We need to serve plates to 170 people of chicken. We have 8 people serving.
I am concerned that the food is going to get cold after we plate up them up and send them out. We will try and keep plates hot before but after we plate up and store them in a heat box.... i am worried they will get cold as the voluntees are bring them out to church guests. I do not have access to plate covers

what else can we use?? Thank so much

Tom, I am not clear on how far you are moving them or how long they will be in the hot boxes? A properly preheated pro hot box, or cambro, will hold food for 6 hours. Please tell me more.
Sorry, specifically I think it takes awhile to get food on 170 plates. I checked and we do not have heat boxes. So, we will have to make some plates prior to delivery what should we do to keep the food hot while waiting for delivery? Also, once put food on the plates it takes a few minutes till I would think it is delivered to the table,
will it keep hot that whole time. I just usually see plate covers on entrees at restaurants. Or are plate covers primarily used for stacking on trays? Thanks
Tom, do you mean that 8 people are plating and shuttling plates to the dining room? Or you have 8 servers? With 8, each server only has to carry 21 plates from the kitchen to the dining room, so the process should move fast.

Before plating, keep the hot food in warmers or Cambros. To begin plating, lay out as many plates in rows on the counter as you can. Assemble your team and show them how each plate will look with the entrée, sides, sauce and garnish. Then one part of the menu to each platers. One takes the entrée, another the first side, etc. Each team member sets his/her item on each plate in order. Once each plate is inspected, you can send them into the dining room.

If your team moves quickly, I don't think you'll have an issue with cold food. The idea is to have two teams. One will plate in the kitchen. The second team serves. Just make sure the hot food is how when you set it on the plate.

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