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Cook Talk

Plan for 200
cookout having pit beef,italian sausages,and turkey breasts...macaroni salad,coleslaw,and potato salad plus a fruit size kaiser roll.....How much on all!! Thank YOU
pit beef,
italian sausages,
turkey breasts
This is a tough estimate because it varies from region to region across the country whether the beef or turkey is favored. You want to end up with about 5 ounces ready to eat cooked meat.
I would do about 1 pound sausage per 6 plus 1 pound boneless raw beef per 4 plus 1 pound boneless raw turkey breast per 5. Have someone serve the meat the first round, seconds can be on your own.

macaroni salad, 6 pounds dry pasta per 100
coleslaw,5 gallons
potato salad, 75 pounds potatoes plus fixings

fruit salad, suggest you do fruit trays, prettier, easier to prep and hold, easier to eat, leftovers are more usable. See the fruit tray page.

med size kaiser roll- 1 1/2 per person
add sandwich condiments, including 12 pounds sliced onions and 6 quarts pickles, see the sandwich page chart on fixings

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