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How much Turkey to fill an electric roaster
Hello, I plan on having a small wedding and want to roast several turkeys ahead, cut them up and eventually serve warm on buns. I want to know how many turkeys I need to fill an 18 qt electric roaster full of loose meat. I know turkeys come in different sizes so maybe how many pounds would be a better way of putting it. Also, is there a good way to freeze loose turkey meat so it doesn't get freezer burn....thanks so much.
1 pound whole turkey, thawed raw weight, makes 1/2 pound, or 1 cup of meat. An 18 quart roaster would do best with 12 quarts fill for a dish like loose meat. This is 9-10 quarts meat and 3-4 quarts sauce.

9 quarts meat is 36 cups, or 36 pounds whole turkey.

The turkey meat, if frozen in sauce, with all the air squeezed out of the bag, can hold for a month without freezer burn.

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