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wedding reception
Meredith Wilson
Hi-I am serving light appetizers for 250 people. My menu is korean chicken wings, barbeque meatballs, kielbassa (with some sauce on it, grapes and watermelon and an ice cream bar. There will be a keg of beer and wine. I am wondering how much meat to get.
Hi, Meredith,
This is an incomplete menu for 250 people, even for light appetizers. For example, what are your vegetarians (and in 250 people, there will be some) going to eat? Please write back giving the time of the service and reception and the length of the reception and whether alcohol will be served. Also, any kitchen restrictions, such as no kitchen, no ovens, etc.
Meredith Wilson
Yes! It is. I just feel vege trays are mostly lame. Dry and unappetizing. The wedding is at 4:00. Reception will start at 4:45. We are not serving dinner just letting people have a bit to eat because we are having beer and wine for toasting. We do have a kitchen with ovens. We may some dips (artichoke, spinach, hummus). Also, grapes and watermelon. Length of reception 2 hours max. But my main question is the amount of wings, meatball and kielbasi for 250. Thanks so much for your time.
Hi, Meredith,
The difficulty is that the couple has scheduled a reception from 4:45 to 6:45 and people will be quite hungry. Some, perhaps many, will plan to eat enough that they don't need supper later. So, you have to present enough food that you don't run out; remember that if you run out, it is always the caterers fault, even if s/he has done exactly what the family has requested. A caterer can ruin his/her rep in one event, especially if it is a wedding, by running out of food.

So, if you do not add to this menu, you will need a LOT of (expensive) meat; much more cost effective to add several dishes. Preferably starchy. For example, smashed roasted red potatoes would go very well; can be served room temp and are a trendy dish right now. Here is a picture and recipe:

The Italian spinach squares on this site are another excellent choice.

And the antipasto veggies on that page are a big improvement over plain veggie trays.

Take a look at the further discussion on this thread.

You definitely need to look at adding cheeses and the dips. Write back-

Meredith Wilson
Hey! Thanks so much. I will work on adding to this and changing the plan. Will get back to you!
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