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Wedding Reception
I am trying to finalize my meal for my daughter's wedding reception and I need help!We are cooking it ourselves and hiring people to serve for us. We are cooking a Pork Jambayla. I was thinking with maybe corn, cole slaw, and maybe a bread. Was also thinking of having fruit, vegetable, and cheese tray as well as meatballs. Suggestions on what else about how much of each? Probably looking at around 250 people
please help!
Kait, this is a perfectly OK meal, but with 250 guests you are going to have some who don't eat pork, or don't eat any meat at all, and you need to provide an alternate entree choice for them.

Pork Jambalaya, when I make shrimp jambalaya for 100 people, I use about 13 pounds of shrimp, 18 pounds of ham, 11 pounds of rice, 15 pounds onions, 2 pounds each celery and bell peppers, plus the seasonings, This should help you multiply your recipe.

Maybe a meatless stuffed pepper with rice and veggies would be a meatless entree alternative that would go along with this meal? I would do about 2 dozen.

corn, 60 pounds
cole slaw, 7 gallons
bread, 32 pounds, 6-7 pounds butter
Adding a colorful second veg, same amount as the corn, would be a good idea

These would be in 2-3 appetizer areas, ready as guests arrive, to allow time to set up the final touches on the dinner, do wedding photos, etc.
fruit trays, 2 of the deluxe tropical tray for 100 on the fruit tray page
vegetable trays, use the veggie tray page, but consider doing 2 classic relish trays and finger veggies for just 150.
cheese trays, about 20 pounds assorted, some can be spreads or logs
crackers, 15-18 pounds
meatballs, 25 pounds, 3 quarts sauce per 10 pounds

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