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temp for convection oven vs regular oven
I am baking 50 potatoes that will be served right away. we have 2 convection ovens and also regular ovens. At what temp and for how long should I bake in convection or reg. ovens? Also have a steam table to serve from or any other suggestions for serving right after baked?
The convection ovens, which give crustier skins, are set 25 degrees lower than standard ovens. See the potato bar page for info on the process- such as, don't foil wrap. Discusses time and temp.

Steam table is fine for serving. Very good that you are not trying to hold or reheat.

Thanks, how long to bake 50 potatoes using convection oven? Is the time less than regular oven? If I understand from the potato bar page to bake and serve immediately they only bake for 1 hr in reg oven so would this be the same if I bake in convection at 375 for 1 hr turning after 30 minutes? Confused.
Thanks for your help and advise.
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