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wedding reception menu for 200
Hi Ellen. I'm planning on having our wedding reception for 200 and I'm a little unsure of how much to make for the menu I've planned. Any help you could give would be greatlyappreciated.

Garden salad
Chicken francaise
filet in au jus
Roasted redskins
Grilled veggies
Penne ala vodka
Assortment of cookies, candy, caramel apples, mini cheesecakes.

And would it be unwise to get a keg since the guest list is full of heavy drinkers....

I forgot to mention that we're also planning on fruit trays, raw veggies and dip, and bacon wrapped shrimp for hors d'oeuvres....figuring on 3-4 bites/ person.
This is a lovely menu, and fairly difficult for amateur service. The best way to get the counts accurate, is to put a menu RSVP on the invitations, and you need to add a vegetarian entree choice; with 150 guests there will be some.

Be aware that for 200 people this menu, day of you are looking at at least 4 people in the kitchen and 12 servers to set up, serve and clean up. None can be members of the wedding, since they have to be working during the service.

You need to expect 6-8 bites, not 3-4 in the hour before dinner, especially with the shrimp People are very greedy for these and many will take 3-4.
fruit trays, do 2 deluxe tropical trays on the fruit tray page
raw veggies
For 200 people consider doing 2 classic relish trays and raw veggies just for 100. See the veggie tray page
bacon wrapped shrimp figure on 3-4 bites/ person.
I would add a distracting second meat/cheese/appie; either a cheese and cracker tray, such as 16 pounds cheeses (some could be dips or spreads) and 12 pounds crackers/bread, or 2 mini quiches per person (can be served room temp), or something like that.

Chicken francaise
filet in au jus
Caterers would normally allow 5 ounces cooked beef plus 3 ounces cooked chicken for these meats on a buffet, and they would have someone slice and serve the beef to avoid running out.
For the francaise, you want 200 3-4 ounces pieces, 45-50 pounds.
For the tenderloin (are you sitting down?) at least 90 pounds. 2 1/2 gallons au jus, if everyone in your area uses it.

You need a vegetarian entree. There are acceptable vegetarian chicken patties that can be made francaise. About 18 servings.

Roasted redskins- 60 pounds
Penne ala vodka- 15 pounds dry pasta
You will have some left, but it is quite difficult to estimate starch preferences long distance.

Grilled veggies- at least 45 pounds ready to cook, add about 15-20% weight as purchased, depends on what vegetables you pick. For example, asparagus loses about 30%, carrots only about 8%.

Garden salad- use the plan for 100 table, double. Dressing is also discussed.

Rolls 2 good per person, about 7 pounds butter

Assortment of

cookies, 1 of each flavor per person, up to 4, but these should be small bites and bars, 2-3 bites
candy, usual allowance for table mints is 4-6 pounds per 100; truffles, 1 per person
caramel apples, these are very hard to eat in nice clothes. Consider baked apples, or apple slices with caramel dipping suace. If you do do them, get small apples, or you will see a LOT of barely eaten apples in the trash.
mini cheesecakes, 2 per person

And would it be unwise to get a keg since the guest list is full of heavy drinkers....
1 keg serves 40 beer drinkers. If you want to serve beer without wine or sangria, with heavy drinkers you could need 2 to 3. See the beverage planning page for help on toasts, other beverages.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

Thanks so much for all your assistance. This site is a life saver!!!
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