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Funeral Luncheon for 75
I'm filling in for the normal folks hosting a funeral luncheon. I spoke with the family about their wishes and below is the current menu.

My questions are:
Are the quantities correct?
Are there enough food choices?
Would 5 people working this be enough?
For the sandwiches the family wants pre-made. Should we serve them with the fixings already on them?
Is there anything I am missing?

Any help you could provide would be welcomed.

Deli sandwiches (presented cut in half)
Meats: turkey 7 lbs, ham 7 lbs & roast beef 6 lbs
Sliced cheese: cheddar 4 lbs, swiss 3 lbs & american 2 lbs
Bread: wheat 4 loaves, white 4 loaves & rye? 2 loaves
Mayo: 2 quarts
Mustard: 12 ozs
Lettuce: 7 heads prepped
Tomato: 9 lbs sliced
Onions: 3 lbs sliced

Relish tray:
Sliced dill pickles: 3 lbs
Black olives: 3 lbs
Green olives: 2 lbs
Sweet Gerkins: 2 lbs

Cheese cube tray: 5 lbs
Cracker Tray: 3 lbs

Vegi tray: 3 20 serving trays

Fruit tray: 4 20 serving trays

Cookies: 15 dozen asst

Coffee: 2 gallons
Hot Tea: 1 gallon (water & tea bags)
Bottled water: 48 bottles
Ice Tea w/ lemon: 3 gallons
Soda Regular Cola: 24 12 oz cans
Soda Diet Cola: 24 12 oz cans
Soda Lemon Lime: 12 12 oz cans

This is a gracious act. Your list is well figured. You need about 2 pounds less cheese for the sandwiches.

I don't dress the sandwiches, except mayo. Put mustard on the size. Skip the onions, lettuce and tomatoes. Make some plain cheese in case there are any vegetarians.


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