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Cook Talk

hello Ellen two quick questions
I did go to your plan for 100 but I wasn't clear on if I am making tri tip sandwiches for 17 people how many pounds of tri tip raw do I buy?
The sides will be a macaroni salad, and a fruit tray. Of course its on a bolio type bread and all the trimmings lettuce, pickles etc.

Now on the chicken portion I get the boneless chicken thighs but please verify if I am cooking bone in thighs is it 2 piece per person or how many pounds again for dinner for 17 People?
The sides on this dinner will be caprese type salad tray with sliced tomatoes , mozzarella
cheese slices on top, on a bed of lettuce leaves with olives and dressing.
Also sliced grilled potatoes.
And a fruit tray with a ginger syrup sprinkled on top.

Thanks in advance.

Hello again Leticia.

I would allow at least 2 pounds raw tri-tip per 5 people for sandwiches.

For the thighs, size is a little variable, but I would do 2 per person plus about 4 extra unless they were very large.

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