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chicken fried steak for 75
Want to make chicken fried steak for 75, I have a deep fryer (2 baskets), should I deep fry then put in warming oven to hold until serving time, or bake or ??? Do you have any suggestions for cookbooks for cooking for 50 or more?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer.

This is a tough meal to serve well for 75 people, especially .given the large size of the pieces. They need to go on paper towel lined trays, single layer with no overlap, preheated ovens (180-200 degrees). That is a LOT of oven rack space...

I put this site together because there aren't many useful cookbooks for 50 or more- do cruise the site- I will post new recipes as I get requests-

Be aware that older materials, such as the list that starts, apple sauce 3 gallons, or the old popular cooking for 50 cookbook, do not give large enough portions for today's eaters- you usually have to increase at least 10%.

If you put in a recipe title and then "food service" in quotes, you often get large recipes for the desired item.

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