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roast beef in an electric oven
Ihave two beef new york strip roasts that I would like to cook in the electric oven(I have two ovens),what time and temp would you recommend for med rare?,the weight is 11 pounds each ? thank you!
Elegant. You will enjoy this thread off site:

I do oven at 200-250, use a thermometer, don't sear. DO preheat the ovens a full 20 minutes before putting the meat in, DO have the roasts at room temp for at least 1/2 hour before cooking and DO use a thermometer! You will have 40-50 very contented guests.

I neglected to say electric roaster ovens, would you still recommend the 200-250 temps? and what would the time per 1b be?again thank you!
Yes, the preheat is essential with the electric roaster ovens, and the temps are the same.

To do an herb seasoning, season tenderloin generously with salt and pepper, rub butter all over and do fold the tail piece under itself to create a roast of uniform thickness. Tie beef with twine all the way around, and tuck sprigs of thyme (or slices of bacon, or both) under the twine all over roast. Place beef on a roasting pan (very low sides!) and roast until the thickest part measures 130 degrees (no more) on an instant-read thermometer (for medium-rare), about 1 1/2-2 hours for this large roast. Transfer to a carving board, tent loosely with foil and let rest for 30 minutes before slicing.

Tenderloins vary in thickness. If you invest in a remote thermometer, you can assure perfection:
Put it right in the middle of the tenderloin, making sure the tip is right in the center. Pull it at about 125-127 degrees, then tent it in foil and let it set for about 15 minutes and it should continue to cook to about 132-134 degrees which is about a perfect medium rare.

roast beef in an electric roaster oven
I need to clarify! this is 4inch thick new york strip roast,not tenderloin,still 11/2hours,?this is for a wedding dinner so timing for other dishes is set around when the meat is cooked,thank you for your invaluable help
Sorry for the confusion. The low and slow method works equally well for the strip or the tenderloin; the difference is, trimmed loin about ten pounds....cooked at 215* for 4.5 hours is excellent.. if you use higher temp= much shorter time. You can hold a roast for up to 6 hours at 140, if your oven goes that low; you would reach the internal temp, take it out, lower oventemp to 140 (check it! can take 20-30 minutes) and put back in to hold. You can also hold easily and safely at room temp for 60-90 minutes, it actually improves the roast!

So the basic thing is, the roast is much more flexible than the rest of the food- kind of like the Thanksgiving turkey sits while the rest gets finished.

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Charis Bruner
I have a 5 pound bone in New York Roast I am wanting to roast in an electric roaster. I have never even heard of this roast before let alone roast one. It was very pricey and I would like not to ruin it like I normally do to roasts. They are always tough. Can you help. I am doing this tomorrow. Again, it is bone in.
Same as all others- hope you found the roast beef page.
It's a plsauere to find someone who can think so clearly
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