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Brunch for 100
I am planning a reception for 100 people including about 15 children. I would love to have stations for omelets and waffles but am unsure how to organize them. I have seen self serve waffle stations and could purchase those irons since I do not believe they will work rewarmed. The other menu items would include fried chicken (store bought), bacon, grits, fruit, pastries, hash browns, juice and coffee. We are hosting in the church's basement and have access to the kitchen with family members who are willing to cook. I am not sure how to best prepare these items as so few can be made the night before. I also need help thinking about how much to prepare of each item since it will be a buffett and everyone will not want everything.
Hi, Barbara,
With 15 kids, a self serve waffle bar can actually be dangerous.

There is a suggestion for a delicious alternative; instead of doing omelets and waffles, what about doing an egg casserole or baked French toast and crepes? The crepe fillings can vary from sweet, Nutella, jams, etc, to savory, ham, eggs, cheese, green onions, and the crepes can be made ahead, stored and heated and filled day of.

How does this sound to you?

Do read the article on the festive family brunch for 100 for more ideas and encouragement-

Jeanine Neider
I am needing to serve 240 people crepes that are filled with various items. I am sure how much to buy of the various fillings. Can you help me please?
What are the filling choices, what type of crowd and what else is being served? Write back.
I am doing a wedding reception and we would like to do a dessert crepe bar. We are not doing a dinner. What fillings would you suggest. Family is helping to prep all the food. We will make and freeze the crepes ahead. Just looking for nice filling ideas and quantities for a crowd of 100.
???Cut up strawberries, blueberries, custard, whip cream, Nutella, cinnamon apples...other ideas?
Thank you.
Dear Ellen,

I am going to have a street food stand to sell waffle. Not sure where I can get an excellent recipe for Brussles Waffle for about lets say 100 persons at a time. Can you please help me? Also I am need a recipe for Dutch pancakes, those little tiny panckakes. Any help or suggestion would be appreciTed to help me start my small business. Thanks.

I think you mean what we call Belgian waffles, the ones with the deep holes. Are you in the US, or where? Write back.
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