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Help Desperate First Wedding
Shelia Hedrick
My daughter is getting married in September. We want to provide enough food for 150 people. We want to do cups of home made Chicken Salad with croissants and crackers per preference. Cheese balls, Chips & dip, potato bar, veggie trays and fruit trays. Can drinks,bottled water tea & punch. How much of each please
Will this be a buffet service, or table service? Also, you will want to supply a non-meat choice for the vegetarians, with 150 people you are likely to have some. Write back.
Shelia Hedrick
buffet style. Don't believe we will have any vegetarians. We are from the deep South. So it will be mainly country folks. But my daughter is wanting a more contemporary type reception. She wanted chicken nuggets but we thought chicken salad would be easier to serve along with the potato Bar.
Also planning on nuts, and cocktail wieners.
OK, let's try it for 150 happy diners (do count the wedding party!).

Chicken Salad, 6 gallons per 100, ad extra gallon if self serve
cocktail wieners, 10 pounds per 100, 3 quarts sauce per 10 pounds
croissants, split in advance, consider mini croissants, 2 per person, or 1 mini and one good chewy, crusty roll
crackers, 6 pounds per 100

Cheese balls, 10 pounds per 100
I love cheese balls and spreads and have a pile of unposted recipes. Email me using the update contact link bottom of the page and I will send you some.

Chips, 1 pound per 12
dip, 1 pint per pound, consider doing salsa as one of the dips

potato bar, use the potato bar page

veggie trays, consider doing 1 classic relish tray and veggie trays for 75-100, see veggie tray page
fruit trays, deluxe tray from the fruit tray page would be plenty

Can drinks, see beverage planning page for amounts and assortments
bottled water, 2 per person
tea, assuming iced, about 8 gallons, 1/3 unsweet
punch, about 6 gallons
About 1/2 pound ice per person.

Nuts, 6 pounds per 100 (MINTS 4 POUNDS PER 100)

Dinner level coffee with the cake is usually appreciated, see the beverage page.
Consider buying canned and bottled from somewhere that will accept unopened returns.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, I'd appreciate a donation, maybe a dime or quarter per person, to support the site. Thanks.

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