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Cook Talk

Wedding for 100
Lori B.
YOur website has been a God-send! I'm getting married in May and we are making all the food (for 100) ourselves to save money. So far I have ziti, baked beans, brocoli salad, toss salad and rolls. I originally wanted to do roast pork but it's too expensive. I need suggestions for one more dish that is inexpensive and I can make it ahead.
Lori B.
I also have pounds of sliced ham, salami and pepperoni I can use.....either separate or in something?
Lori, if the budget is very tight and you want to limit the food, have a 1 pm wedding and an afternoon reception- you will cut the food by 1/3 at least.
Are you looking for a meat dish you can make ahead? Look at the wedding chicken dishes on Big Pots- orange Dijon chicken or chicken marsala.

I would use the sliced meats for an antipasto platter as an appetizer. There is a recipe for one on this site.

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