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Party for 80
Hoping that I can get an estimate of how many lbs of meat I should get! I will be serving three different meat items and 3 different sides, the meats will be smoked brisket, bbq chicken leg quarters and bbq pulled pork sandwiches. With the sides being Mac & Cheese, coleslaw and scalloped potatoes. Your reply will be greatly appreciated, thanks!!
40 quarters, some cut into pieces; 25 pounds raw trimmed brisket; 12 pounds raw pork. You may have some chicken left.
Brunch for 50 adults - Egg, Tuna, Bagels
Having approx 50 adults for a brunch. The menu will consist of bagels, tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad, a vegetable tray, cream cheese, nova, and a big broccoli slaw. How much tuna, egg, and chicken to order and how many pounds of nova and cream cheese. Thanks
Brunch for 50
This is a light meal for a brunch.

bagels, 1+ full per person, maybe 6 dozen all together
cream cheese, 2 tablespoons per person, 3- 3 1/2 pounds
add good jam or preserves, about 2 quarts
tuna salad, 1 gallon
egg salad, 1 gallon
chicken salad, 1 1/2 gallons
nova, 1 pound per 12- 4 to 5 pounds

a vegetable tray, use the veggie tray page, include Ranch dip
a big broccoli slaw, 6 quarts

I would definitely add a fruit tray, see the fruit tray page

Good juice, 2-3 gallons

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