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having a fish fry for 350 people
Jo Ann
yes, our church is getting ready for the same thing. Can you help me with the amount also. much fish per person? much hushpuppies per person? many desserts should we have? much batter should we get, we will be useing FRYIN MAGIC batter in a box?
thanks for you help
If this is an all you can eat type situation,

35 pounds fish nuggets per 100
3 hush puppies per person- this is a lot of frying and good baked cornbread would be a perfectly delicious alternative- 9x13 pan per 8-10
1 box of Frying Magic coats about 50 pieces, so the amount depends slightly on the size pieces you end up with
For desserts, see the dessert planning page for amounts. If you are supplying, cut small- many people prefer to take 2-3 pieces of different desserts.

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