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Spaghetti Sauce for 130 Guest
Hi Ellen, I am going to be helping make Spaghetti Sauce and Chicken Alfredo Sauce for 135 Guest ( Mostly Adults) Will you please tell me if I have the amount right? Thank you so much!

Ground Beef 40 lbs
8 Gallons Spaghetti Sauce
20 lbs bow tie noodles

Chicken strips 30 lbs
Alfredo Sauce 8 Gallons
20 lbs Penne Noodles

Toss Salad 15 lbs

Sweet Tea 6 Gallons
Unsweet Tea 6 Gallons
Lemonade 4 Gallons

We will be serving garlic bread sticks also. I think 2 per person.

Way too much food.

You need total about 30 pounds pasta, and this usually splits 2/3 red and 1/3 white, unless there are mostly ladies, when it is more even.

I would make 50 servings white, 100 red. White, use 1/2 the alfredo-style recipe for 100 on the spaghetti page, about 18-20 pounds chicken. Red, 5-6 gallons sauce, no more than 25 pounds meat. Consider doing small meatballs- can be bough separately, and lets the red sauce be available for any vegetarians. You reheat each 10 pounds in about 3 quarts sauce- can be done in the oven.

Toss Salad 15 lbs- plenty, see the plan for 100 list for dressing and trims.

Sweet Tea 6 Gallons
Unsweet Tea 6 Gallons
Lemonade 4 Gallons
Beverages OK, 1 pound ice per 2-3
Bread, 14 pounds

Have at least 4 pounds rated or shredded Parmesan, and use a double sides serving line.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime or quarter per uest, to support this site. Thanks.

Actually, 24 pounds pasta would even be enough...
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