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Memorial reception for 300
melissa i richard
Our church is hosting a memorial reception for 300. We are planning to serve loaf bread sandwiches (chicken, egg salad, cheese, pb&j); pasta salads or sides; fruit trays; combination of cakes and cookies. How much of each category do we need?

Thanks so much!

loaf bread sandwiches (chicken, egg salad, cheese, pb&j);
About 1/2 chicken, 1/4 egg, 1/8 each cheese and pbj. What I would do though, is add a little deli sliced ham to those cheese sandwiches. 120 sandwiches for each 100 guests. See the sandwich page for more help:

pasta or potato or other starchy salads- 10-12 gallons

sides; such as bean salads, 2 gallons per 100

fruit trays; 2 deluxe trays for 100 from the fruit tray page, sub whatever fruits you want

cakes and cookies- use the dessert planning page- a full sheet cake serves 60, there are lots of other options...

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