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Graduation Mexican Fiesta Party for 60
I am catering a graduation party - Mexican Fiesta - for 60 people. My menu includes: chicken enchiladas, a taco bar (ground beef only, with all the trimmings), rice, beans, corn & black bean salsa, pico de gallo salsa, queso cheese dip, jalapeno poppers, Mexican shrimp cocktails, and fruit cups. What quantities should I be looking at? Thank you!
I would do 1/2 my taco bar for 100;
100 chicken enchiladas

rice, 5 pounds dry beans
beans, 5 pounds dry beans
corn & black bean salsa, 1/4 cup per person
pico de gallo salsa, 1/4 cup per person
queso cheese dip, 1/4 cup per person
tortilla chips, 1 pound per 10-12

jalapeno poppers, 2 per person
Mexican shrimp cocktails, pre-portion into small 3-4 ounce cups- 2 gallons

fruit cups, 2 gallons

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