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Continental Breakfast
I am have a breakfast with the bunny event. I plan on serving a continental breakfast with muffins, bagels, fruit, cereal, coffee, juice, milk. I will be having about 125-150 guests present both kids and adults. How much food to I purchase for this event? Thanks for your help.
I am going to estimate this for 125 adult servings; kids under 12 just count as 1/2. This should even have some leftovers.

muffins, 12 dozen mini muffins- you could do some of those sprinkle-covered pop tarts, not healthy, but very cute for Easter.
bagels, about 5 dozen, split, 30 per pound for the cream cheese, and you need some strawberry jam or some kind of preserves, a couple of large jars.

fruit, do amount similar to the fruit tray for 100 on the fruit tray page- you want just 4-5 bites per person

coffee, do breakfast coffee per the beverage planning page
juice, 1 quart per 8, 4 ounce cups
milk, 1 quart per 4 kids plus some as indicated for coffee on the planning page.

cereal is a real challenge- it's messy to eat, you need milk and spoons. The pre-pack bowls are a possible choice. 60 bowls, kid choice flavors.

Consider 2 flats of fruit yogurt.
OR 6-8 breakfast impossible pies.

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