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Wedding for 100 people in May
Ellen Woodworth
Hi, my name is Ellen too! I have some menu items chosen and I would like to know how much of each item I need. I tried using the plan for 100 page but I'm going in circles. Here is the food I want to serve 100 people. We are hiring some experienced friends to help self-cater!

Meat Appetizers:
Italian meat balls
Shrimp cocktail
chicken sate with cilantro-lime dipping sauce

Veggie Appetizers:
Cheese and crackers

Ellen Woodworth
sorry cut it off...

Veggie appetizers cont.:
spinach and cheese pies
golden polenta bites with roasted pepper provencal

Main dishes:
Grilled veggie kabobs
Pork tenderloin
Top round

Rice pilaf
roasted baby red potatoes
grilled asparagus

Italian meat balls- 8 pounds smallish with 2-3 quarts sauce
Shrimp cocktail- 3 shrimp per person, 1 cup cocktail sauce per 4-5 persons (you could omit this and still have plenty)
chicken sate with cilantro-lime dipping sauce- 2 pieces per person
Cheese 6-8 pounds including some logs or spreads
crackers 6 pounds
spinach and cheese pies- 2 small per person
golden polenta bites roasted pepper provencal- 2 per person

Main dishes:
Grilled veggie kabobs- suggest you add tofu, or people will take as a veggie- allow 2.5 skewers per veggie person
Pork tenderloin- 1 pound raw boneless per 4
Top round-1 pound raw boneless per 3

Rice pilaf- 6 pounds dry rice
roasted baby red potatoes-about 25 pounds

grilled asparagus- 32 pounds ready to cook, remember that you lose 1/3 from fresh purchased

You might also need the beverage planning page and the dessert planning page.

If this saves you time trouble or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

Ellen Woodworth
Thank you!!
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