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Keeping food warm but nor drying out
We are picking up hot food (chicken park, baked ziti, sausage, peppers, onions, chicken, ziti, broccoli, rice pilaf) at 2:00 but not serving until 6:00. How do I keep it warm before putting it into chafing dishes?
This is not a safe amount of time to hold at room temp, it has to be in the oven at 180- 200. Is there any way you can pick at least some of it up uncooked and cook/bake it at home? Or have it delivered later? Some of the items (broccoli, rice, chicken parm) will be basically ruined by holding 4 hours.

It would also help to know how much food you are talking about- 1 tray each, etc.

There is a professional "hot box" called a Cambro which is preheated with hot water and will hold at safe temp up to 6 hours. This would work for the casseroles, sausage. They can be rented at some rental agencies, you do need to read and follow directions.

If you are stuck with holding 4 hours, you need to consider changing the menu. For example, chicken Marsala will hold better than chicken parm, and roasted vegetables can be served room temp instead of the broccoli.

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keeping my meat in the roaster oven to keep warm at 180 to 200 is that safe and for 6hours chuck roast not serving till 1200 noon thanks oh and I am cooking the same day
Safe but it will be shredded. Is that OK?
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