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enough food for a graduation party??
I think I posted this in the wrong place so I am re-posting with new topic name.

Im starting to stress about my son's graduation party. We are having about 100 people including about 25 of my son's friends. I am getting some stuff from a restaurant but also making it too. Can you please tell me if this is enough food:

Fried Ravioli - 60 per tray - Im getting 4 trays
chicken wings - 70 per tray - im getting 3 trays
baked mac & cheese serves 30-35 people I was going to get 3 trays
meatballs - 80 per tray - I am getting 2 trays
cold cut tray - I am making myself. I was planning on getting 2 lbs of roast beef, turkey, ham, cheese.
Salad - Im making a big full tray
sausage peppers and onions - im making myself I have no idea how much to buy
fresh rolls for sandwiches - 8 dozen?

Do you think this is enough food or should I add something else? Also Im getting a full sheet cake and a fruit tray and my family is bringing some sweets too.

Please help!!! Thanks!!

Hi, Beth,

Deep breaths. You are doing fine. Here are some suggestions.

Fried Ravioli - 60 per tray - 4 trays-OK
chicken wings - 70 per tray - 3 trays- OK, but expensive, could skip with all the other stuff
baked mac & cheese serves 30-35 people 3 trays- OK, none left
meatballs - 80 per tray - 2 trays- OK
cold cut tray - 2 lbs of roast beef, turkey, ham, cheese. I would do 3 beef, 4 cheese.
sausage peppers and onions-about 12 pounds sausage, equal amount veggies
Salad- 8 pounds ready to serve lettuce, 3 pounds tomatoes or grape tomatoes, 3 pounds croutons, 2 pounds grated carrots, red cabbage or whatever you use for color. 12 8 ounce bottles of dressing, 1/2 Ranch and low fat Ranch, rest mixed
fresh rolls for sandwiches - 8 dozen? about 12-14 pounds, could do baguettes in 3-4 inch pieces
Sandwich condiments, pickles, etc, see the sandwich planning page

full sheet cake- just 60 servings. Consider adding a half sheet or 3-4 dozen cupcakes.

fruit tray- good add, deluxe tray for 100 from the fruit tray page would be gorgeous and plenty.

If there are several parties the same day, you may have leftovers, but not too much.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

Thanks so much for your help! I think I decided to make my own mac and cheese. its just cheaper. I was going to get 8 boxes of macaroni, 8 lbs velveeta, etc....would that be enough?
At least 10 pounds macaroni. It with Velveeta- I have not done it with Velveeta, I use 1 quart cream sauce and 1/2-1 pound regular cheese per pound.
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