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Cook Talk

100 Elementary kids
I plan to cater breakfast for 100 kids, how much of the following do I need to serve the children?
Fried chicken wings and legs
Buttermilk pancakes
Potatoes w/onions, bell pepper
This is a bit unusual menu for elementary kids, so I am suggesting a few tweaks.

Fried chicken wings and legs- wings cost more than breast now, so stick to legs- 1 per person. Your adult staff will eat the rest!

Buttermilk pancakes- just one per kid, half the amount from breakfast plan for 100 on this site. However, consider offering muffins or coffee cake instead, just as popular and MUCH easier to serve- and no syrup and butter mess, and no help needed to cut up the pancakes (many little kids need help with this).

Eggs- scrambled, 1/2 the amount for adults, see the breakfast planning page again

Potatoes w/onions, bell pepper; adding the veggies will mean many kids won't choose, they are used to McDonalds fried potato patties. If you do do them, 1/3 cup per serving.

You need juice, 1 quart per 8, 2/3 orange, 1/3 apple. You need to consider fruit, 1/2 piece per kid.

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