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Graduation party for 65
If this is too much to ask, I understand, but please don't refer me to your lists. They are great, but they don't help me since I have cognitive issues due to a brain illness.

I'm hosting a 6 hour beach pavilion graduation party for my son, and I hope you can help confirm my amounts for 65 teens and adults, 2/3 male. I plan on serving:

96 burgers
90 hot dogs
96 fried chicken
20 pounds coleslaw
4 6 pound cans of corn
4 117 oz.cans of baked beans
8 large bags of tortillas
4 large bags of chips
2 1 pound bags of pretzels
9 pounds baby carrots
6 stalks celery
3 64 ounce salsa
8 16 ounce ranch dip
2 5 pound bags of boiled peanuts
64 ounces bread and butter pickles
64 ounces olives
64 ounces pepperoccini
100 small watermelon slices
150 small orange pieces
1 gallon dill pickles for appetizer and burgers
full sheet cake
192 cans of coke
72 cans of diet coke
144 16.9 oz. bottles of water
96 cans of lemonade

What do you think? Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you :)

Hi, Ciel,
I am going to put this all in this answer so you don't have to look things up. I suggest a few adjustments to your amounts.

96 burgers- 80 plenty
90 hot dogs- 80 plenty. Consider doing bun-size Polish sausage for some- very popular and tasty
96 fried chicken- 80 plenty
Even for this long of a party, 80 is fine.
You need 80 hamburger buns, 80 hot dog buns, 3 squeeze bottles mayo, 2 squeeze bottles mustard, 3 squeeze bottles ketchup. 5 pounds sliced tomatoes. 3-4 pounds sliced onions. 4 pounds lettuce leaves. 1 quart pickle relish.

20 pounds coleslaw- good
4 6 pound cans of corn- 3 #10 cans
4 117 oz.cans of baked beans- 3 #10 cans

8 large bags of tortillas (assume chips?)
4 large bags of chips
need total about 8-10 pounds chips. Suggest 8 pints dips, such as salsa, hummus, sour cream, etc.
2 1 pound bags of pretzels- OK

9 pounds baby carrots- 6-8 plenty
6 stalks celery- OK
Consider adding cherry tomatoes, about 3 quarts
3 64 ounce salsa- OK
8 16 ounce ranch dip- 4-5 plenty
2 5 pound bags of boiled peanuts- OK
1 gallon dill pickles for appetizer and burgers- 3 quarts plenty
64 ounces bread and butter pickles- OK
64 ounces olives- OK
64 ounces pepperoccini- OK, might have some be sweet banana pepper rings

100 small watermelon slices- OK, that is about 24 pounds whole
150 small orange pieces- skip, unless you can get the tiny whole tangerines

full sheet cake- OK, none left

192 cans of coke
72 cans of diet coke
I would do a different split on the sodas, about 130 cola, 65 diet cola, 65 assorted 7-up/fruit (1/2 of these sugar free) and ask your son about root beer and Dr. Pepper.
144 16.9 oz. bottles of water- OK
96 cans of lemonade??? Individual servings, OK, some left; might get some iced tea and diet iced tea for some of the cans.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please make a donation, maybe a dime per guest, to support this site. Thanks.

Thank you VERY much for your help. I really appreciate it. I will adjust my menu accordingly.

The only thing I don't understand is the oranges. I thought sliced oranges (skin on) would be refreshing for an outdoor party (juicy). If I substitute mini tangerines, do I serve them whole with the skin on?

Thank you again and I will definitely make a donation.

The sliced oranges are indeed sticky and juicy and draw gnats and ants- the little tangerines with their zipper skins are easy to transport and peel and deliciously juicy without the mess.
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