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Cook Talk

80th birthday party for approx 25-checking quant.
I'm helping with and coordinating a party at the end of the month. I'd love if you could see if my quantities are reasonable.

Grilled salmon 9-10 lbs
Teriyaki chicken 9 lbs (do you have a great recipe?)
Roasted veggies approx 7 lbs mixed (whatever's fresh)
Rice pilaf 2 lbs+ rice

We will do some apps, maybe baked wontons and something else. We will also probably do the Asian noodle salad from your site.

Desserts will be various types of biscotti, various homemade filled chocolates, other cookies and possibly one more thing. I'm guessing we will have plenty by the time we make all the different types.

Of course, there will be tea, coffee, water and some type of cold drink.

This will be a buffet, going from approx. 5:30-8

Thanks for your help.

You easily have enough for 25, probably 30. If you do the noodle salad, you could cut back the rice about 1/2 cup. Best wishes to your birthday person!
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