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Cooking for a Stag and Doe
We are having a Stag and Doe for my son and his FiancÚ, no idea for sure how many will show up but have sold almost 400 tickets so are thinking maybe 300 will show. Our menu is chili, chicken fingers, Swedish meatballs, kale salad, Greek salad, veggie tray, fruit tray, and my responsibility is a baked pasta dish, potatoe salad and pizza (24 pce slab) how much will I need to make or buy? Event is this Saturday !
You can make the casserole and potato salad ahead. Have fun! In this case, I would do 2 times the sausage and mozzarella bake on the spaghetti page, light on the meat; 8 gallons potato salad (about 65 pounds potatoes and 3-4 pizza slabs.

Just fyi, usually a lady fiancee has 2 ee's a male fiance, just one.

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