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Breakfast Casserole for a crowd, outside
I am planning on making 4 full steam pans of breakfast casserole. (3 lbs. hash browns, 2 lbs. cooked sausage, 2 lbs shredded cheese, 2 dozen eggs). I need to take them to regatta an hour away. It is outside of course, and we have a grill and steam tables. Could I fully bake the pans the night before, store them in the fridge, reheat in the am, and transport them warm to the event immediately putting 2 in the steam pans and 2 on the grill. Or do I need to bake them the morning of, and transport them right out of the oven?
It is tastier and safer to bake and transport morning of; none of these reheat too well. Be sure someone has the steam table hot when you get there- it takes about an hour to warm up.
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