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Wedding for 100
Brad Burkins
Hi there,

I am having a wedding for 100 people. I am buying soda & ice for the reception. How many bags of ice & sodas (cans - 24 per box) would you say to buy? How many coolers to provide? I look forward to your response. Thank you!


Brad Burkins
Also I am providing water as well. How many bottles of water would you say to buy?
Hi, Brad,

Water, 2 bottles per person.

For the soda, there is a very complete guide on the beverage planning page, amounts and types. Of course, you would modify if there are specific tastes in your crowd- Dr. Pepper, root beer, etc. If it is an outside wedding, or more than 2-3 hours, add another 10%.

You want about 1/2 pound ice per person.

Coolers, not trying to be silly, but- enough to hold all the drinks! They come in a lot of sizes... Wash tubs full of ice are a handy display, but of course you need more ice, about 40 pounds per tub.

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