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throwing surprise party with 110 guests
Hello I am throwing a surprise party for my husband I am inviting 110 people with 30-40 being children. My menu is as follows please let me know if enough food. I am ordering large full sheet pans from restaurant.
1- Roast Beef
1-baked chicken
1-Fish Filet
1- pork & littlenecks
1- Codfish cakes
1- Calamari
36 lbs pulled pork
200 meatballs
6lbs homemade mac & Cheese
6 lbs baked beans
1 pan pasta salad
1 full pan roasted potatoes
1 full pan seafood rice
1 full pan salad
1 medium pan Portuguese

please help and let me know if that is enough food to serve Thanks

You probably have more entrees than you need, and not quite enough sides/salad/veg.

You will have fish left. You could actually skip it with the cod, calamari and clams

6lbs homemade mac & Cheese- I would do 8-10 pounds dry, at least 2 1/2 full pans, unless you increase the potatoes and rice
6 lbs baked beans- usually I do 3 gallons for 100
1 pan pasta salad- only about 30 servings
1 full pan roasted potatoes "
1 full pan seafood rice "
1 full pan salad- way short for this crowd, at least double. Prewashed greens from the grocery would be an easy expansion- .see the plan for 100 page for guidance
1 medium pan Portuguese ???

How about 15 pounds bread/rolls and 3-4 pounds butter

Sorry Portuguese Rice
I also have a full pan of pasta with sauce and a full pan of lobster pasta. Plus i will have the bread and butter.

I will increase the sides thank you so much for your help.

You are good for starch with just the 6 pounds mac, then. Happy birthday.
Thank you!! I am nervous throwing this surprise 40th for my husband. I had a caterer but they just closed down so now i am planning this way wanted to make sure i got it right.
Thanks again!!
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