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Cook Talk

300 people for Graduation Party
We are hosting a Graduation party for 300 people. I need help planning. I bought 37 lbs of rigatoni so far.
Rigatoni -HOW MUCH?
Meatballs- how much?
Sausage and Pepper-How much?
salad - How much?
salad Dressing How much and What kind?
Bread or Bread stick?- How much?

Cookies and cupcakes

Grad parties depend a little on how many other parties the kids are going to that night.

Rigatoni -you have enough. About 1 quart sauce per pound, about 1 pound shaker Parm for each 4 pounds
Meatballs- 1 pound per 4
Sausage and Pepper-1 pound sausage per 6, equal weight veggies
salad - How much? 3 times the amount for 100 on the plan for 100 page, dressings are covered there also

Bread or Bread stick?- 36-40 pounds

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