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Graduation party
I'm having a party for 100 adults an 25 children I am having hot roast beef sandwiches, hoagie tray,su usage and peppers,chicken thighs potatoe salad macroni salad,broccli salad,green salad how much food do I need
Hi, Georgia,

I need some help here. A typical hoagie tray has just 15 pieces. How many?

Also, I suggest you skip the hot roast beef- it is not needed with your menu, and adds a whole level of preparation/ serving difficulty as well as cost. Would that work for you? With the sausage and peppers and the chicken, it would be plenty. Write back.
I would do baguettes with this.

potato salad, 45 pounds potatoes
macaroni salad, 7 pounds dry pasta
broccoli salad, 2 1/2 gallons

green salad, 1 1/4 times the amount on the plan for 100 page- it has dressing, also.

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