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Graduation BBQ for 50
Shila Beck
Hi Ellen. I am having a BBQ at home for my daughter's graduation, we will be having burgers, hot dogs, and bratwurst. For sides macaroni and cheese, Spanish rice, garden salad, potato salad, and corn on the cob. I'm guessing 50 people. Appetizers will be meatballs, cheese & crackers, vegetable tray, salsa & dip with chips, deviled eggs, fruit skewers. I was thinking 60 burgers, 60 hot dogs, 20 brats (I don't think a lot of people will eat these), 2 large trays of salad, 6 small trays of mac & cheese, 4 small trays of Spanish rice, 2 small trays of potato salad, 30 ears of corn cut in half. Do you think this is enough food, even if I get a few extra people that show up? Also, I keep reading that only 4 chafing trays will fit on an 8 foot table, if I put them right next to each other won't I be able to fit more? I plan to have a small square table at both ends of the 8 foot table, one for plates, plasticware, and a tray of buns. The other end would have burger fixings and condiments.
Hi, Shila,

Nice menu. First, no, 4 really is the max; if you try to put 5, you risk having an end one knocked off.

You have enough food, with the brats, about 30 hot dogs should be plenty.You might skip the veg tray and do 1 1/2 gallons of slaw. 8 pounds of tossed salads, add about 6 bottles of dressing, 2 ranch, 2 light ranch, 1 Italian, 1 assorted.

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