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Taco/Potato Bar
I am doing a taco and potato bar for my daughters graduation party. I am wondering what you would figure for the amount people will eat. I figure at least 1 potato per person but don't know what to plan on for the tacos. Also will have fixings for nachos and/or taco salad. We will also be having a fruit salad and desserts. Any help you can give would be appreciated.
Jodi, you don't say how many people.

For each 100:
You would do the toppings for 100 from the potato bar page, more discussion there. You provide about 70 potatoes per 100 (you may have some left) and about 90 crisp shells and 6 pounds of tortilla chips. 2 #10 can nacho cheese. 2-3 quarts sliced jalapenos.

Because you are trying to give everyone his/her first choice, you will have some leftovers on potatoes and chips.

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