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DIY Wedding Reception
Nervous Bride
Hi Ellen,

I've scored your pages and was wondering if you would mind looking over my menu for my 11:30 a.m. wedding reception? We are serving approximately 80 guests. 20 pounds of spiral sliced ham (bone out); 12 pounds of cocktail meatballs (approximately 320); black bean and corn salad (to serve 50); pasta salad (to serve 40); 3 pounds of mango salsa, fresh guacamole (made with 15 avocados); 2 9 x 13 of 7 layer dip (don't ask---groom's request!0; 6 pounds of cheese on board; 3 pounds strawberries & 3 pounds grapes; 120 Hawaiian rolls; 4 pounds of crackers; 4 pounds of blue tortilla chips along with the cake and frosted sugar cookies. Also, 1 quart of honey mustard for the rolls. Please tell me that I'm at least close! Thank you so much for looking over my menu!

Doing excellently! You might increase the bread to 2 per person and definitely increase the pasta salad to 1 serving per person- your menu is not starchy and most people will take some- or add 2 1/2 gallons of potato salad. Increase chips to 5 -6 pounds since you have gauc, salsa, and 7 layer. Suggest 2 strawberries per person and 1 pound grapes per 12-15. Maybe 2 pounds more of cheese, could be logs or spreads. At least 1 1/2 gallons corn/bean. The guac will run out- it always does. You will need about 3 quarts of sauce for the meatballs

Good work. Lucky groom.

Nervous Bride
Thank you so much! Huge help! Will definitely donate as you've requested on other posts---your site has been a God-send for me. I kinda like thinking I'm the lucky bride!
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