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reheating mashed potatoes
Hi I was wondering if anyone has had experience with reheating the mashed potatoes that were frozen in chafer pans but reheating them in an industrial warming oven that only goes to 200 degrees? Can I defrost them the night before and them put them in the warming oven without putting them in a oven first?I won't have an oven at the venue besides this warming oven. I would have many hours to let them stay in there if needed. I don't know how many hours it would take. Does anyone out there know? I will be cooking for 160 people.
The issue here is food safety. They need to be between 40 and 140 air temp for no more than 4 hours total, including transport, prep and warming and serving time; so they need to stay in the fridge until transferring to a preheated oven to reheat The warming oven probably can't get them to hot enough (180 in the middle) fast enough. Do you have a stovetop at the site? A double boiler type arrangement may be an option. A chafer takes 40 minutes just to get to holding temp- it can't be safely used to reheat.

You don't say how many people you are serving? Is reheating in a plug in electric roaster or 2 and then transferring to the clean chafer pans an option? You could freeze and thaw and transport in ziplocks, which is simpler than the pans.

A quick read thermometer is very useful here- you really do need to keep an eye on the temps.

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