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Cook Talk

Dinner for 45 people
My menu is:
BBQ pork and BBQ chicken/buns
Baked beans
Salad/garden type
Salad dressing
Ice cream Sunday

How much of each do I need?

Hi Martha,

This is close to 50 people, so when you use the plan for 100 charts, you do half, then take off 1/10 of that.

BBQ pork and BBQ chicken/
Total 18 pounds boneless meat, you decide the split, it depends on the taste of your particular crowd. Chicken bone in, 2 pounds whole chicken, makes 1 pound boneless.
1.2 full buns per person, which is 5 for every 4
people, a few extra if teens, men- slider buns are a good choice, allow 2 per woman, 3 per man or teen
You need to add a package of veggie patties or field roast veggie sausages for any non-meat eaters, unless you are certain there aren't any.

Slaw-7 quarts, 10 pounds cabbage
Baked beans- 7-8 quarts, or 4 pounds dry beans

Salad/garden type
Salad dressing
Do just under 1/2 the amounts for 100 on the plan for 100 page, it discusses dressing types and amounts.

Ice cream Sundae- about 3 gallons of ice cream. Allow toppings according to the ice cream sundae bar article:

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