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BBQ Steak for 50?
Hi! I'm bbqing steak for about 50 people this summer. I'm wondering how much steak I should buy? Also do you think I should portion them first or cut big steaks and then portion? I'm thinking of buying a great quality sirloin and marinating so I won't have to constantly sauce...

Thank you!

05/11/14's 50 adults. No children. Thanks again! Happy Mother's Day!
OK, If you are feeling flush, 1 pound steak per 2 people is not too much. A thick-cut top sirloin is about the most economical cut that will be tender. No need to baste; a marinade is fine. The optimum way to serve is to grill, let stand 10-15 minutes, then slice; you can do individual, and they will be good, but not as good.

Individually portioned frozen are usually 6-8 ounces.

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